Space Between was developed by Massey University's School of Design, New Zealand. It acts a platform for social innovation and enterprise and offers new green business models for fashion design. Our goals are to address sustainability issues such as resource depletion, consumption and production.

During Space Between's time at Massey it connected university research and external partners to create design-led solutions. Space Between served as a bridging mechanism for students pre and post graduation to address issues of waste in industry while developing their entrepreneurial capability.

Now in its second iteration, Space Between's focus is to apply and expand upon the research and techniques learnt through earlier projects, working with a wider range of fashion collaborators.



Space Between has been created to reframe consumerism for a new form of green fashion entrepreneurialism as a way of achieving and sustaining environmental and social goals.



We offer designers/researchers pre and post graduation to test, experiment, investigate and experiment to transform their thinking and equip them with the skills and confidence to respond to the challenges of industry.


To challenge our assumptions and the boundaries of the current fashion system to affect positive change.


We want to create a vibrant, flourishing fashion ecosystem that enables its physical human, social, intellectual capital to thrive.


Fashion for true innovation, not just the illusion of 'innovation' operating only on a stylistic level.


To create goods and services that embody our values and ethics.


Fashion for values like transparency, authenticity, meaningful engagement.


Space Between sets out to create as Otto Von Busch (2012) describes as ‘new ecologies of work’ which are horizontal and create communities rather than vertical and top down enabling graduates to create jobs for themselves on their own terms.


Developing human and social capital (Fuad Luke 2009, 7) is central to Space Between as the team has worked in collaboration with the manufacturers Earthlink to engender trust, generate reciprocity and to develop good practices across the supply chain.


By engaging in a form of design-led fashion activism we can encourage a shift in industry practices whilst setting up new opportunities for designers, producers and new participants.


Advocating for a system that offers more than just one speed, i.e fast.


Reframe,Investigate,Challenges,A flourishing ecosystem,True innovation,Ethics and values,Transparency, authenticity, meaningful engagement,New ecologies of work,Good practices across the supply chain,Design-led fashion activism,Slow fashion
Jennifer Whitty

Jennifer Whitty

Director / Co-Founder

Jennifer Whitty is a sustainable design educator,researcher, designer, facilitator, writer and activist. Originally from Ireland, she went on to teach and practiceat Massey University’s School of Design in New Zealand asSenior Lecturer of Fashion Design.

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Holly McQuillan

Holly McQuillan

Advisor / Co-Founder

Holly McQuillan is a designer, maker, writer andfacilitator, who works primarily in the field of sustainabledesign practice. She worked as a Senior Lecturer at MasseyUniversity School of Design, teaching across all levels;undergraduate, post-graduate, as well as deliveringmaster-classes to the public.

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Booker Spalding, are a corporate uniform manufacturer based in Wellington. They produce around 10,000 garments for New Zealand Post every year. As part of this service, used uniforms can be returned to Booker Spalding to be disposed of if they are worn-out, or become obsolete after a redesign or a change in corporate branding.

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Massey University is a bold and innovative university, regarded as the engine of the new New Zealand. Space Between is an outward facing platform for design education with strong links to industry, community, and the global economy.This project has been supported by the Vice Chancellor’s Strategic Innovation Fund for an Entrepreneurial Partnership Platform.