Fashion Revolution/Space Between pre-launch
Fashion Revolution/Space Between pre-launch

Fashion Revolution is a global coalition across 60 countries comprising designers, academics, writers, business leaders and parliamentarians calling for systemic reform of the fashion supply chain. ( Space Between started as it means to go on, which means doing things differently to conventional practices for showing, making and engaging with fashion. Instead of showing in a semi-private catwalk show we wanted to bring fashion to the street to engage with the public. We believe fashion happens everywhere and everyone has the right to be involved. We also wanted to raise awareness of the relevant issues and create a dialogue with the general public- not just the converted.

We had approx. 30 people participate in our flashmob who consisted of a cross section of society - all ages (babies- to grandmothers) all genders, all body types. It was important for us to gather together the people who have been instrumental to our initiative. This included the makers of our upcycled collection of corporate uniform waste to the potential wearers. Our 'action' was a simply executed performance that sought to demonstrate the low regard for clothing in contemporary society and the harmful effects of the fashion/textile industry.

Although the subject matter/focus of the event had a serious message, it was preformed with a great sense of collaboration, improvisation, and humour.



Nathan Moon Foon and Kenneth Chapman.

Alana Cooper, Annie Bretherton, Ana Trenwith- Haberfield, Barend De la Beer, Gerrie de la Beer ,Carrie Ní Loinsigh, Chris Montgomerie, Greta Œgor, Julie Fitzgerald, Julie Lintern, Jennnifer Whitty, Jeannette Troon,Kate Chalmers, Larissa Banks, Mary Laine, Metu Teitiga, Natalie Lamblet, Sarai Beckmann and baby Greta, Scotty Laing, Sheena Tanoa, Shirley Cressy, Patricia Given, Tasha Maree Dangerfield Smith, and Tony Kennedy. 

Rebecca Lockhart, Shaun Seebaluck, Laura Deans, Tory Leeming, Larissa Marno and Cathal Lennon.

Manahi Ngaia