Holly McQuillan, Advisor / Co-Founder Space Between

Holly McQuillan

Advisor / Co-Founder

Holly McQuillan is a designer, maker, writer and facilitator, who works primarily in the field of sustainable design practice. She worked as a Senior Lecturer at Massey University School of Design, teaching across all levels; undergraduate, post-graduate, as well as delivering master-classes to the public. She has recently completed her PhD research at University of Borås, Sweden. Her work often explores risk taking in the context of fashion design as a way of discovering new ways of viewing and creating the world we live in.

Holly is a leader in the field of Zero Waste Fashion, curating the an exhibit of contemporary zero waste fashion design practice and co-authoring the first book on Zero Waste Fashion Design, to be published by Bloomsbury in late 2015.

She believes that the issues faced by the fashion industry are a reflection of the even bigger problems confronting the world, so ‘if people like us don’t change the way we do things and show others how to change, then all that’s left are the kinds of people who got us into this mess in the first place’.