Samantha Hodgins, Textile Designer Space Between

Samantha Hodgins

Textile Designer

Samantha is a fourth year Honours student at Massey University who is enthusiastic about hands on, structure-focused textile processes with an emphasis on weaving and knit. Her growing concerns over sustainability issues in the textile and fashion industry, particularly with fast fashion and the abundance of post consumer waste, have led her to base her practice on re-purposing existing fabrics into beautiful textiles rather than using virgin materials.

For her Honours project, she has posed the research question: “How can I extend the life cycle of obsolete New Zealand Post uniform garments through deconstruction and reconstruction textile processes to create a sustainable textile model?” By deconstructing garments supplied by the Space Between initiative back into their basic components, such as fibers or yarns, and reconstructing them using both ancient and contemporary textile processes, she is creating a rich variety of textile samples that will educate and inspire consumers to re-purpose their unwanted garments.


Bachelor of Design (Hons) - Textile Design (Graduating 2018)