Thanks to everyone who came last night to the Sustainable Fashion Forum Victoria University of Wellington

It was the first event off the post in Wellington happening as part of Fashion Revolution Day Aus NZ Fashion Revolution Education. It was a very successful event with approx 110 attendees from across across sectors - from students to industry. It's really got us pumped knowing how much change is happening in industry and how many people are keen to be part of this new wave. 

The event was live screened by our friends The Formary which you can still watch on their page (thanks Formary).

There are several more events and things you can do to activate fashion for good over the next week which we'd strongly encourage you all to be a part of!

Thanks again to Katherine and her team Victoria Development Society for making this happen.

Viva la revolution!


The global fashion industry has a vast environmental and social impact - not only as the world's largest polluter, but also as the employer of 75 million people worldwide (85% of whom are women). 
The average person buys 60% more clothing and keeps it for about half as long as 15 years ago. Meanwhile, the average garment worker lives in poverty and faces exploitation and abuse at work. Our clothing economy is inherently unsustainable: although 95% of discarded clothing can be upcycled, less than 1% is truly recycled into fresh textiles. 
In the belief that fashion shouldn't come at the cost of people or our planet, we're asking: how can we ensure our purchases empower rather than exploit? 
- Pepper Gross from Little Yellow Bird
- Elisha Watson from nisa
- Bernadette Casey from The Formary
- Caroline O’Reilly from Vinnies Re Sew
- Sarah Child from Boomerang Bags Wellington
Our Chair:  
Jennifer Whitty, Senior Lecturer/Researcher at Massey University School of Design and Director of Space Between
THIS IS A VictoriaInternational LeadershipProgramme SPEAKER EVENT ! Code: SPK 2168
Fair trade tea & coffee will be provided. 
More info on our amazing panelists to come soon! 
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