60+ pledges, 24 days, and a whole lot of hustling later, we’ve made it to our midway crowdfunding milestone of $5,000! With only 7 days left to raise the full $10,000, it’s fair to say that we’re now in the homestretch.

To celebrate our progress, we thought we’d take a look back on our campaign and share our three favourite moments so far:


1. Pitching at the Low Carbon Challenge Finale

Our crowdfunding campaign kicked off with the Low Carbon Challenge Finale, where Larissa pitched Space Between to a room full of local councillors, businessmen, and fellow sustainability comrades. Amongst Larissa’s lunges-in-leggings and non-stop laughter from the crowd, we were pumped to be able to premiere our PledgeMe campaign video.


2. Taking our Superhero Alter Egos to the Hutt

In the second week of our campaign, we made a hometown visit and explored Larissa’s childhood stomping ground; Westfield Queensgate, Lower Hutt. Decked out in superhero outfits, Jenn and Larissa hit the mall to round up pledgers and spread the word about sustainable fashion. A big thank you to everyone who stopped to have a chat, take a selfie, or make a pledge. Your generosity was much appreciated!


3. Getting Past the Halfway Mark!

It’s been a challenging month, but we’re almost there! Thank you so much to the first 60+ people who have pledged. With your pledges, we can hire Larissa and do even more of the cool things we do. YOUR contribution matters, and it’s YOUR support that will help us fight the good fight. Thank you.


But, that’s not all! We’ve got some awesome events, rewards, and surprises lined up for the final week of the campaign:


1. New Zealand Fashion Week

Today, Jenn and Larissa have made the trek up to Auckland to attend New Zealand Fashion Week. If you’re out and about in the Auckland CBD, pop down to the ANZ Viaduct Events Centre between 4.30 - 5.30pm to see some fashion on the street; for the people, by the people.


2. Bringing Back the 80s Telethon

For the final weekend of the campaign, we’ll be dusting off our phones and making some calls. To all of our friends, family, colleagues, and more - get ready for us!


3. Rewards for Days!

To add to our phenomenal list of PledgeMe rewards, this week we announced a heap more. From coffee with Larissa and a lucky dip draw, to handmade jewellery and a whole host of workshops, we’ve got the full shebang! For those of you sitting on the sidelines… why wait? Pledge today!

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