In August, we launched a PledgeMe campaign to raise $10,000 to hire our designer, Larissa Banks. After a whirlwind month of crowdfunding, we crossed the line on the 1st of September with a total of 174 pledgers and $11,011 raised! Whether you made a direct pledge or simply spread the word, every bit counted. Thank you so much for all your help!

During the campaign, we had a number of amazing rewards available for those who pledged. One reward was the option to have ‘Your Name in Lights’ - a personal shoutout right here on our blog! So today, we’d like to send a special thank you to Jennah Rasmussen, Lisa Gregan, Natasha Wall, and Jo Bailey. Thank you so much for believing in us and doing your bit to tackle fashion and textile waste! This one’s for you. 

In August, just two months ago
Our crowdfunding began
By reaching out to all our friends
With a simple plan

“At Space Between, we know this girl
Her name’s Larissa B
She’s bright and kind and bubbly
We need her on our team!”

Digging deep into your pockets
You made our wish come true...
Now we’ve got Larissa
And it’s all because of you!

Thank you to Natasha
And to Jennah, Lisa, Jo
We celebrate your name in lights
By blogging you hello!

Because of your support
We can grow our little team
And keep fighting the good fight
With Larissa at Space Between!