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The Fundamentals range was created as a way of designing out textile waste and design in 'closed loop' solutions. It was a bridging mechanism for students’ pre and post graduation to address issues of waste in industry while developing their entrepreneurial capability. The garments from this range were sold through Space Between's shop and three of these garments were purchased by New Zealand's national museum Te Papa Tongarewa for their contemporary fashion collection, which looked specifically at ‘disruptive’ practices. A short film further explaining this design model and showing the process can be watched here.


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On April 16 of 2015 Space Between organised a flash mob at Wellington's Midland Park as part of Fashion Revolution Day and leading up to Space Between's official launch. To prepare for this they printed statistics about the fashion and textile industry onto unwanted uniforms which were worn by the 30 or so participants in the event which sought to demonstrate the low regard for clothing in contemporary society and the harmful effects of the fashion/textile industry. A video of the flash mob is available here.


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Space Between created a short film to raise an awareness of sustainable fashion to an audience of potential collaborators, buyers and corporate partners. It also explains how Massey University created an alternative space for sustainable fashion research and development in the form of Space Between, that acted as a call of engagement for current students and as a call to action for other academic institutions.


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In November of 2015 New Zealand's national museum Te Papa Tongarewa purchased three garments from Space Between's Fundamentals Range for their contemporary fashion collection, which looked specifically at ‘disruptive’ practices. The collection focused on acquiring work by designers actively engaged with the problems inherent in the fashion industry in the 21st century, namely sustainability.

Claire Regnault, Senior Curator of New Zealand History & Culture at Te Papa, spoke about this acquisition in 2017 at 'The End of Fashion' conference.



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In November of 2015 twelve Massey designers travelled to China as part of Space Between. Operating as a summer school paper, the students were tasked with creating a 'fashion design activism' manifesto and paired with students from  X’ian Polytechnic University and The Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts. Read more about their design process and experiences at our fashion lab and blog.


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